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Aruba Network Analytics

Identifying and fixing network issues is essential in maintaining workplace productivity and offering the best user experience possible. Aruba AIOps utilize cloud-native machine learning models to provide centralized Wi-Fi assurance, wired assurance and SD-WAN assurance.

Why is Artificial Intelligence used in Networking?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are used in network management tools to help resolve complex issues impacting performance and user experience – it also provides assurance and can save precious time and energy.

Instantly get to the root of user problems.

Do I have a Wi-Fi issue? One of the most common questions all admins hear – and an answer that’s not always black and white. User Experience Insight (UXI), gives you that end-user perspective and big picture view for any app or site.

Aruba Central: AI Insights.

With data collected from over 750,000 APs, switches, and gateways, Aruba Central and built-in AI Insights proactively identifies and solves issues, and provides pinpoint configuration recommendations.